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For every market problem, there is most probably an idea that offers optimal solution. For every business dilemma, there might be an idea that will resolve it pronto. The quest is to find that idea. Or, to create one where non is apparent.

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Ra Atelier is a privately held, one-stop creative solutions shop, located at Castelo Branco, Central East Portugal. At Ra is a thought & work culture, that facilitates and fosters lateral perspective and breakthrough communications solutions. Beginning its creative life in 2001 in India, Ra Atelier today has a considerable portfolio of prestigious assignments, and an interesting list of longstanding clients. We have a well-evolved tradition of looking at even everyday things laterally, and bringing out interesting facets. Quite often, its spurs explosive creativity. When frontline experience is added to this equation, what you have is: insightful brand planning. Imaginative design. Optimal techno-enabling. Innovative use of digital media. The works.

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At Ra is a young, dynamic pool of creative advertising & marketing professionals (art directors, copywriters, media planners, multimedia & film makers, animators, programmers, sound editors, music composers, voice over artists and others), available on tap for quality-driven companies.

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Amorim Imobiliaria | ImoEconometrics consultoria Imobiliaria | Center for Geographical Studies (CEG) | Department of Geography | ERES / ISEG | Portuguese Association for Geographers | SOPEMI / OCDE | University of Beira Interior | University of Lisbon (Faculty of Letras) | Agakhan Foundation | Care | Luso-American Foundation | Oxfam | Save the Children, UK | Municipality of Idanha-a-Nova | Municipality of Castelo Branco